My Book

“The Fountain” is my debut novel. ​I self-published and it was released 10/6/21. I will keep you informed through my e-mail if you’re interested.             
The story takes place in a world loosely based on ours, and I’ve used locations in North Dakota.
It’s a combination of speculative fiction and magical realism.  Sellis has been riding motorcycles for years. So, taking her nine-year old granddaughter on a road trip shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not, except they end up traveling further than Sellis planned. Imagine riding merrily along and realizing you’ve gone through a portal and are now in an alternative world.            
There, Sellis hopes to find a castle tower she’s dreamed about for years. She discovers the tower is a fountain that is a portal that takes them to another world. A world she remembers visiting when she was a child.            
The road trip becomes a quest for answers about her mom and family history. She grew up believing her mom was mentally ill, but was that the whole story? Unexpected animal companions join their journey and new family connections are discovered.           
“The Fountain” touches on issues of mental illness but also shows the warmth and charm that is part of our everyday world.            
I hope you’ll join me for an enjoyable ride!

You can find my book here:

The Gifted Bean Coffee Shop
Prairie Creek Pride of Dakota Store